News # 1.9 Opening Beta Test x100

Dear players, in connection with the release of the Open Beta Test x100
for the successful operation of the Server
you will need to download a new game client

During the test, you can use the command for zen, write to the game / zen + quantity

Server characteristics:

Game version: Season 4 Premium

Experience rate: x100 Fun

ML experience rate: 5%

Drop rate: 30%

Max Level: 400

Max Level ML: 400

Max stats: 32000

Mu Helper: From Level 1

Guild Creation: Level 250

Max qty. Guild Players: 10

Max qty. guild alliance: 3

Elf assistant up to: 250 lvl (1 reset)

Max Reset: 30

Max 5 accounts from one IP

Creating classes:

Sum -150 lvl

MG-220 lvl

DL-250 lvl

Points after reset do not burn out

Features of the site:

- The market for characters.

- Achievement system.

- Web store.

- Return of purchased items in the web store.

- Purchase of VIP status.

- Award voting system.

- Hiding character information.

- Ticket system communication with the administration.

Server features:

Vip account activation, 2 days after the start.

Balanced Donat input.

Party Search system.

Search store system.

Summon Helper Monster(command /summon)

Gremory Case new storage system for rewards: Info> FAQ

Event events in the Game (press the Latin letter H on the keyboard)

Online reward

VIP system with increasing expiration by drop, and for brewing items.

New maps until season 15.

New sets of things until season 16.

New Wings 2.5 - 3.5 - 4 - 5 levels.

New crafts for creating - new stones, pets, sets, weapons, wings.

New Ancient sets, all 5-piece sets Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots.

New Socket weapon shields sets.

New Munn system with pets, horses, wolves, birds.

New Ghost Fenrir and Horse of the 15th season.

New jewelry for season 8.

New skill tree for season 10.

New shields for season 15.

New bosses, events - Evomon Evolves, Demons, Eggs, Acheron Guardian, Lord Silvester, Core Magriffy, IO, Crystal Stone, God of Water.

New game panel with sections - Event Time, Ranking, Command, Jewel Bank.

New effects of new items, weapons, wings, bosses.

Support for right mouse click to move items.

Five additional chests.

Items of the element system.

Spot mapping on Minimap.

Supports Ancient + PvP + Harmony + Excellent options.

Socket items up to 5 options + PvP + Excellent.

Support for pvp options on all things.

OffHelper - AFK system, autonomous pumping, with the ability to pick up items.

Game quest system of 150 tasks.

More NPC quest in Lorecnia

All valuable in-game WC currency is available for completing quest tasks and various events

Guild Chest.

Administration support 12/7



2022-01-14 14:25

News # 1.8

Dear players of our server! The server administration wishes you a Happy New Year.
May it bring you happiness, health and success.
May your goals be achieved, wishes come true, and achievements rewarded.
On the server changes from 10.12.2021 to 8.01.2022:

Exp is increased by 15%.

Bonus for the purchase of Credits + 50% to the accrual.

Web Shop will be updated

Exclusive items will be sold in the Black Shop for 1 Zen from 19:59 UTC for exactly 1 minute.

Introduction of a new bonus set for Beginners, namely
- Premium account for 7 days
- Pet 3 days
- Wings 2 lvl
- Set
- initial skills



2021-12-30 14:23

News # 1.7

Hello dear players !!!

Today from 20:00 to 20:30 Moscow time, technical work on the server will take place.

During this time, the server will be unavailable.

Technical work is connected with the release of a small update.

- Fix Summ Attack speed when add status points

- Fix some problems in the marathon event

- Fix Heal and potions when use Mu Helper

- Fix Custom add status with some buffs

- Fix Custom Monster Sound problems

- Invasion Information (v2)

- Skin system

- Npc Collector (v2)

- New Jewel Bank

ATTENTION empty your old Jewel Bank before the update is released,

since your stones will not be moved to the new version of Jewel Bank.

2021-12-22 15:51

News # 1.6

Good day, players, I hasten to inform you,

that today at 20:00 Moscow time, the server will be turned off for 1 minute.


This is done in order to make a copy of the server and start the installation

updates to a copy, then to the main server.

There are some bugs that need urgent resolution. (Maximum repost please)

2021-12-21 14:57

News # 1.5

Hello, don't Buddy, don't walk by, we have a present for you!

From 12/19/2021 at 10:00 Moscow time, the Starter Kit for beginners will be introduced.


- Premium Platinum Account for 3 days

- Create MG DL Sum ​​classes from 1 lvl

- Set + 9

- pet with the option of additional exp for 3 days

- mini wing

- initial skills

 Web Shop is also open with limited options,
all options to choose from, maximum 3 options.
Maximum bundles sold in Web Shop

Dragon Set
Legendary Set
Guardian Set
Ancient Set
Adamantine Set
Storm Crow Set
Wings max lvl 2.

I remind you that all purchased items can be returned to the future
back to the store for 90% of the item's value.

 If you have any problems with replenishing your account, contact the Administration.

Contact information can be found in your personal account, in the "If you have any problems with replenishing your account, contact the Administration.

Contact information can be found in your personal account, in the "SUPPORT TICKET" section


2021-12-19 10:23

BETA Test x100 Opened